W Hub, Quikspaces and Urban Serviced Offices Present:

Are You a Conscious Consumer?

Are you living sustainably?  We all would like to maintain a certain quality of life without harming the environment and society around us.  To protect present and future generations, startups are helping us find the balance.

Join us to hear from startups focused on sustainability and social good.  Led by So In So Good, who are helping a new generation of entrepreneurs join a global network of social and green startups with their first incubator Hong Kong.   


  • Berenice Guinel, Accelerator Officer So In So Good
  • Melissa Chu, Co-Founder Rumi Yoga
  • Ada Yip, Executive Director Urban Spring

This interactive panel will be open to all questions, and will also cover:

  • What does a sustainable future look like?
  • Sustainability problems identified that only startups can solve
  • New developments and opportunities in green-tech
  • Why what is good for the environment is good for society
  • How we can all make an impact  

Our panellist will lead a networking session afterwards, centred around sustainable startups showcasing some of their products.

Whether you have your own idea for a sustainable startup or want to know who is making a difference and how you can get involved - join the conversation!  

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